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"Tea Party Lament", I think this might be my favorite Radio Silence song
I have heard thus far. You have a Jefferson Airplane/Starship thing going
you have made your own. I just love the harmonies, the sound of the bass
and the psychedelic thing going on with the guitar.
I think this piece would sound awesome live!

I was expecting to hear something totally different
from feedback I had heard from other people. I was
pleasantly surprised and enjoyed such tracs like
"lets go", "tu chupa cabra' the bassist is smokin'.
"Penny" is lyrically entertaining. I listened &
got a flash back of 1985 & sometimes I just
chuckled because the songs are fun. Great double
vocals. Good job Radio I hope you sell millions!

Here we have a band with an 14 year history.
They formed back in 1995 and they have already
released three CD's and "No Point of Origin" is their
fourth one which they released early last  year.
Just a quick not that the bass player has the name
Jon Lee Lambrou, maybe he has a Greek origin?
Who knows, maybe I must ask him.

As far as the music section from Radio Silence,
is the melodic rock with female and male vocals
Also they have use saxophone, which is a very
interesting addition to the whole music. For sure
the older fans of rock music will love the music
from Radio Silence, also the younger fans can learn
much from their music.

In such times it's good to say that something nice comes from USA.
Even if I am not a huge fan of melodic rock, I found some
really interesting spots during the whole album.
For example I'm drawn to the first two tracks.
Last but not least, you can hear also a cover song
of an Alice Cooper track. An above average release
for the fans of rock music!

I loved Chasin The Dragon. Great Song!
I don't know if it's meant to sound Like
Duran Duran, weird or what, but good!
CTDragon was a very woofy track yes, yes I love it.
Yours In Light Always...

I checked out some of your tunes and man, you guys are hot!
I’m so happy to see and hear that you’re continuing on in music.
This is very positive… I’m VERY proud of you guys…. You ROCK!!!
Take care my friends! Warm regards….

Congrats!!! (re: New CD) I like "Tu Chupacabra"...
Thanks, Ajay

YEAH!!! I DO wanna dance on the other side!!!
The bass tone is an awesome hook into the chorus! ...Kim

I viewed two of the videos, "Try Not Thinking"
and "One By One" ... Both Excellent!
The music and video are both unique
as I've NEVER seen or heard ...Christie

Can't wait to hear the new CD...
heck the guide tracks sound great
I can't imagine what the finished product will be like!

Good morning, guys from Radio Silence Band.
I live in Brazil, in the middle of a jungle,
in the Amazon Forest in the State of Para.
I love your sounds... all the instruments...
The way you play your songs is really fantastic!
Thanks Again, God blesses you in your musical life.

Music & Video...Radio Silence,
I've never seen an unsigned band
have such diversity in their musical styles! Man!
The videos add depth and orginality to your greatness!

I just wanted to write and say how big a fan I am
of RADIO SILENCE. I need to see you guys play again.
Watching RADIO SILENCE rock Boston is enough to make
me tear through my sweats! Oh man...your videos!!!
I think "In God We Trust" is my favorite...How amazing!
I dare you to find a bigger fan than me! ...Matt

I am glad to see your growth and ambition!
Your email promos are fun to read and look just
exactly as if they came from San Francisco, Detroit,
and Washington D. C. I do get alot of promos
because of my djship on WOMR.
We Are The World!
Yours... Canary

I stumbled upon your site on
I listened to all your featured songs on the website
and I was extremely impressed with the songs "Chas'in
the Dragon" and "Try Not Thinking". I feel that you are
extremely talented! I was equally impressed with your
style and overall original gimmick and performance!

Radio Silence has such a unique style
-hard to classify - progressive, intelligent.
I think that's why I like it! It's not your basic
in-your-face pop or pop-punk that's all over MTV.
It makes you think! Thanks! ...Kelly

Excellent Songs! My favorites are "Chas'in the dragon", "One by one",
and "World stand still". The video for "Soon" is great! ...Carreiro

I rock hard, I party hard, and I have alot of respect
for those of YOU that deserve it! ...Jim

I'm editor in Chief on radio FEDRA from Yugoslavia
Using the internet I found your website.
Milosevic's regime used to forbid our radio
because we were fighting for democracy!
Now we are trying to introduce the world's music.
Thank you for your beautiful music, it's our pleasure
to play it everyday on our radio! Let it Roll!!! ...Dragan

I just finished viewing a couple of your videos
They are very creative and and go nicely with the music.
The flying carpet in "...Dragon" was very cool, extremely cool!

Hi Guys! A friend of mine told me to check out your music
on and she was right...You guys rock!
It's so cool to be able to hear some REAL original music
that isn't the same old crap on the radio everyday!
...Best Wishes, Mariesa

Radio Silence is a hard working band,
dedicated to reaching commanding heights
with their music... S.Siverajan

Hello !
I'm a French musician on
I prefer talking with you in english
because it is more sure, In fact, today,
I have listened to your music and I love it !

To the listener "chasin the dragon" ...a long whip,futuristically
innovatively, interesting... fail failing everything
in everything brilliant ...Lia

Hello, I stumbled across Radio Silence on and really
enjoyed what I heard... Keep up the good work
and good luck with the music! ...Todd

Hi Radio Silence, I have been listening to some of your music
and I think it's great! The song "one by one" rocks! ...Faith

Nice music... really good... I like the feeling a lot...
I like the substance of your music... Your music is great!
Thanks again! ...Bill

It's nice to see a change from just a video of bands playing...
Your ideas are pretty imaginative. They're very funny! ...Kisses, Zan

Hey! I just wanted to compliment you on your music... Brilliant!
Totally inspiring!... Fantastic! Keep making music! ...Ted

Heard you on a Bryansk's radio show, myself and many of my friends
like your music very much! ...Ilya

We would like to use your surf music in our surf videos...
"Get off the beach"... Sweet! ...Steve

Rocks!!!... Progressive, Symphonic, Heavy, my kind of music! ...Gabor

Hi, I was checking out your music on the web
and I think "v.q.2" and "chas'in the dragon" are the best!
I've added them to my mp3 playlist! ...Darlene

Hey, I found you guys on the web, nice sound!
Your band is pretty cool, kinda reminds me of the Talking Heads...
I like them! ...Becca

Yo, you guys look and sound excellent for people who look like
they could be my next door neighbors or my parents! ...Nills

Hi, Great music you have... I like the psychedelic music a lot
i.e. "rhythm remains"... Excellent job! ...Manuel

I Love "chas'in the dragon"
especially the bass riff at the beginning!
Very groovy ...John

This web site is phenomenal!
This is the first time I've ever seen "Radio Silence"
I did check out one of the videos and I thought
I was watching VH1- very professional...Paul

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