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Shawn "MOKA" Gonsalves - writer/multi-instrumentalist

Shawn Gonsalves' love for music started at a young age. Trumpet was the 1st of many instruments he would learn to play.

At 14 Shawn discovered guitar, and after hearing greats like Hendrix and Jeff Beck he would practice every day aspiring to be the next great guitar legend. During this time Shawn's creativity and skill developed and he started writing music and poetry.

By the time he was 16 he had already written over a dozen songs and was in local bands playing night clubs and functions all over Cape Cod, where he grew up.

A short moment with Gary Allman & the Tumbling Dice Band had Shawn traveling the country at 19, playing and writing original music.

Settling in Orlando, Fla. Shawn's music library had grown so large, he focused on meeting other musicians with the same passion and drive to create innovative, original music. This led to a few great bands like "Runner", the extremely twisted "Vudu`~Mental~Heidu`" and the high energy "Mutha~Funker" wich was one of the most recognized original funk bands in Orlando at that time. He caught the ears of a few famous acts, but avoided the limelight.

Shawn eventually moved back to the New England area, where he found it was even more of a challenge to find musicians who wanted to create original music. Shawn jumped into the local cover band scene and became one of the most sought out guitar players in town. He has an electrifiying stage presents and great crowd control, but this still wasn't his thing. Shawn wanted to electrify his audience with his own grooves.

After writing for a few local artist, Shawn decided enough is enough! time to get serious. So he built himself a recording studio and started recording his first solo project "MOKA". Being a prolific writer this proved to be the right choice at this stage in his career. The first CD is just a small portion of Shawn's many writing styles,& now his sophmore CD "Out of tune, out of time, in love" is again entertaing our ears with an accoustic feel, so brace yourselves for more inticing music.

This is just the beginning! ....... still,...and just another batch of many grooves to come!



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