S.O.E. CyberWorks specializes in Website Mastering and Hosting,
MP3's, Streaming audio & video production,
Graphic Design, and Consultation.

S.O.E. CyberWorks offers you a free initial consultation
helping us optimize your site's rank within the search engines.
Whether for business, entertainment, or personal use, we can
help you gain worldwide exposure on the web.

S.O.E. CyberWorks perfect is for those people
who want an internet presence and
do not want the expense of owning
a server and payrolling it.

A sample of our services and fees
along with contact information
are provided below.

Web Hosting with us is a flat $25.00 per month.
There is NO CHARGE for your homepage Design !
Just think, your own IT guy on payroll for $300 a year !
This Includes: 80GB Data Transfer and up to 100MB storage
Regular updates to your site's text info and graphics / photos.
the *features listed below are included and are available on request!
* options with most other hosts

Other Services and Fees
Additional Page Design $50.00-$200.00 (per page)
Graphic Design / Media Production $30.00 (per hour)
New Domain Set-up $50.00 (one time)
New Domain Registration $15.00 (1 year)
Deep Search Engine Submission $65.00 (per year)

"Always on the cutting edge within your budget!"
~ Web Hosting ~ Internet Multi-Media ~ MP3/Real Audio ~ Slide & Video graphics ~ Web Master ~

S.O.E. CyberWorks offers other services.
Ask about our virtual store front package.
Please e-mail us with all inquiries.


S.O.E. CyberWorks p.o. box 905 South Orleans, MA. 02662